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The UK Grooming Gang Scandal

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Stand Up to Racism: who are you? And where are you on grooming gangs?

There was a glimmer of hope when a Labour MP, Sarah Champion MP, decided to finally discuss the issue of grooming gangs. Gangs of predominately Pakistani origin taking advantage of young white girls. Abuse in a way that is abhorrent, and stomach turning. Sarah wrote an informative and well-overdue piece for The Sun newspaper. But it didn’t take long for the powers-that-be to twist the screws. We then saw her backtrack from the article and resign from her shadow ministerial post.

There’s a sheer unwillingness on the part of some in politics to even raise this issue. Instead of accepting and finding pragmatic solutions to a growing issue here in the UK, they seem to hide behind ever growing censorship in the hope it’s somehow not there. Or as I’d put, it just kicking the can down the road.

Members of grooming gangs

I have my doubts on how long this video will remain live or when I’ll have a knock on the door from the thought police. The deniers seek to point out the fact that most sexual abuses in Britain are committed by white people. This, while true, is also misleading. While 80%+ of the British population is white so, of course, any crime is going to have more white perpetrators than any other ethnic group. As a proportion of the population however, the numbers differ greatly. Muslims make up just 5% of the British population, yet that 5% is responsible for 90% of all crimes by grooming gangs.

So, lets keep it real. What may be on our neighbours’ door steps today, may be on our door step tomorrow. The action I’m calling for is recognition of the facts. This isn’t racist or Islamophobic: this is just plain and simply sensible. Failure to do so leaves thousands of vulnerable children at further risk!

It’s very clear to me that established organisations that have huge influence only see racism one way!

I stand up to racism no matter who it is or where it is.

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