Lady Twp, Leanne Wood and Darren Bromham-Nichols

Lady TWP, leader of Pleb Cymru, has really done it this time!

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Lady Twp has lost the plot

Leanne Wood, aka Lady Twp, the leader of the Welsh nationalist party, Plaid Cymru has publicly lost the plot – and in a big way. Please don’t judge Wales by this woman. She’s a total embarrassment! And I suspect many Plaid Cymru members will have their hands in their heads again today. Her comments, ridiculed on social media, have just inflamed what has already been a tense period for the UK.

The tweet had to be #FakeNews from a spoof account of Lady Twp, I was convinced. But, blow me over with a feather, it wasn’t. And those mushrooms I had for dinner really weren’t of the “magic” variety after all!

Quite frankly I don’t give a damn what Plaid Cymru are saying about this. The members have been like sheep following Lady Twp. They’ve made their own bed and, by damn, they’re laying in crumpled sheets today. Any Plaid Cymru member who dares question the great leader is met with gasps of horror for daring utter such words. What is this foghorn doing for the reputation of Wales? I despair, I really do!

If you’re not on Twitter, all I can say is it was a scene of utter carnage. Her Facebook page wasn’t much different, though I kind of got the idea without having to read all the responses!

Playing the Far Right Card

Sadly I’ve witnessed how eager she is to play the “Far Right” card, and quite frankly the woman is making my left foot itch! Where on earth are her team, allowing this train crash in-the-making to continue? Are they just giving her enough rope? Trump is known for dropping clangers on Twitter, but this is on a whole new level!

She’s continually out of touch with the public mood. On the day of the Brexit result, she reeled off her prepared speech for independence for Wales – clearly written before the result, assuming Wales would have voted to remain. The timing was bad, was opportunistic and possibly setting the cause back even further.

Time for a new leader

There have already been rumblings within the party of a takeover. Rhun ap Iorwerth is showing an early interest in any potential leadership contest. However, I’ve seen similar traits and, despite his charisma, he’s not able to hide his more arrogant side that lays just beneath the surface; UKIP are very good at bringing the worse out it him! Adam Price is the only hope for the party in my opinion. He’s a well-balanced politician and a true gentleman of Welsh politics.

I hate to tell you all, but I told you so! You’ve stood back and allowed this petulant woman to hold the party back, she only knows how to speak over the people of Wales and not for them. It must come to and end!

Under her leadership, the party has made no significant gains during any of the recent elections and winning Rhondda last year may have saved her. There were gains in the number of council seats, but I put that down to local members’ hard work. Without her, the gains would have been higher, I believe.

A stagnating party under Lady Twp

Leanne became leader of Plaid in 2012. Since then, the SNP under strong leadership – whether you agree with their politics or not – has seen its membership grow massively from 24,000 in 2012 to 120,000 in 2016. Plaid has languished with no real movement seeing its membership grow from 7,900 in 2012 to 8,300 in 2016. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the leader.

And it’s a shame, as the local members work so hard to get Plaid’s message across. I’m married to one, so I know – but they are continually hampered by their leader. She may be popular with most of the 8,300 members but the people on the street have a different view. And they are the ones she needs to win over. If the party is happy to remain in opposition and act like a protest party, keep her in place. If you’re serious about winning elections, replace her now and give yourself a chance in 2021.

I’m actually starting to resent her for the image she’s giving this country. And sadly I’m beginning to resent those who blatantly give her support, just because she’s a nice lady who’s lived in the valleys!

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  1. She puts me off as soon as she opens her mouth. Was very ignorant during election debates when she tried to over speak when other delegates were speaking . .

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