Darren Bromham-Nichols with Neil Hamilton who defended Ann Marie Waters

Frankenstein’s Monster – Ann Marie Waters and the UKIP Leadership

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Creating Frankenstein’s Monster

With Ann Marie Waters going for the leadership of UKIP, all I can think of is the “boy who cried wolf”.

For the last two years I’ve been told how racist and Islamophobic UKIP were. The party didn’t appear on to my radar until just before the referendum. This was at a time when I’d found myself with opposing views to the political establishment in Cardiff Bay. I had no political affiliation when it came to leaving the European Union.

I found myself meeting politicians cross-party in relation to, what we first thought, was a refugee crisis. And I had pledged my commitment to help.  I met with one politicianl – and the only one I may add – to give me constructive advice. She didn’t just offer to sponsor me for another trip, but offered to come with me. She was from UKIP!

UKIP was not what I had been led to believe

I can say unequivocally that, during my six-month stint as their communications officer, what I had been told to expect wasn’t the reality. I’ll talk in more detail of my time at the National Assembly for Wales in future articles.

Now, the Frankenstein’s monster that Ann Marie Waters has become is nothing more than a creation of years of false accusations made about the party. Usually by their political opposition, worried by the rise of the party. And with good reason here in Wales. UKIP gained 7 seats at the Assembly overnight.

Alas true to form, the first 18 months haven’t been boring.

Neil Hamilton, leader of the UKIP Assembly Group Wales, said: “I just think that Anne Marie Waters has been demonised because it’s easy to paint her in sort of technicolour colours, by virtue of remarks that had been taken out of context from, in some cases, many years ago.”

I have no comment on her entering the leadership contest. However, I certainly can see why she is where she is today. If successful, we’ll see a huge change in the face of British politics like we’ve never seen before.

I’m not suggesting she’s far right. But there are those of the far right just waiting for a political home in the UK. Will this be it?

Picture: Darren Bromham-Nichols; Neil Hamilton, AM

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