Gutter Rats

Dumbass Gutter Rats And Idle Gossip

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Gutter rats - offensive or not?

Gutter Rats And Idle Gossip

This article was to start my Small Town Politics page off. I was planning on something a bit more glamorous, but let’s run with the infamous Neath Voice for Everyone and my return, driven by gutter rats.

I’ve had a nice break from Neath Voice while trying to distract myself from all things local. I couldn’t resist but come back on after this post was sent through. 

Firstly, I’ve not hidden my contempt for a man I believe started something against the will of the British people. I hold the same contempt towards the political system that allowed such disastrous consequences to occur. I also believe we’ve not yet seen the true repercussions of his actions. 

Now, I don’t believe in capital punishment. So I’d certainly not be calling for capital punishment for Tony Blair. But some recognition of his crimes would be a start. Having an expensive, damning enquiry at our expense doesn’t make me feel much better, either. Especially while Blair is coining in the millions. However, I came across this with an appreciation for art. I found it quite profound and certainly in much better taste than any digital I could find. 

The post was up for minutes. The source couldn’t be verified to check copyright on it, so it was swiftly removed. 

Why do people care what I say?

Everything I say or do has a screenshot attached. God only knows why people find what I’ve got to say or do that important, but there we have it. 

There’s always an agenda behind the people/organisations that do the whole screenshot, blogs and idle gossip thing. When you’ve been as provocative as I’ve been known to be, especially when sending a message that needs to teach the recipient, you kinda start developing tools that assist you to answer some questions like, why? And why now? Now me wanting to leave the European Union is no secret! Dressed in red, I was, waving placards on the Heads of the Valleys road while doing a live feed.

So it’s not that! 

Now, linking me to Caroline Jones seems more feasible. And suggesting I’m on her payroll, in this case this person maybe quick with a screenshot, but slow to know my 6 month contract ended quite a few months ago. 

The red herring! 

Unison’s contempt for the electorate

Now the only thing that links me to Caroline currently is my support against her banning from a Unison meeting at the council chambers. But I’ll be attending tomorrow. Yet, I’d be supporting any democratically elected member being denied the same platform as any other democratically elected member. Because that’s the absolute right thing to do. 

So I’d suggest this is yet another dumbass bitter, gutter rat hiding their true identity behind a “group” name. Remember the award winning NHS worker? He stalked me, made up a person but his true identity was discovered. A visit to his house ceased that fixation, or at least calmed it down. 

Before trolling me always remember: I’ve worked for an internet company and I’ve worked within politics, so know the dirty tricks and how to uncover them. And I’ve had more trolls than my favourite bacon, egg and chips with a two rounds of bread and butter, buttered to the edges and a mug of strong tea. 

That isn’t an invite either for all the wonderful and weird people to try. 

Nice to be back on Neath Voice.

For the records, I do not blame the questioner on Neath Voice. Hers was a valid question.

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