Caroline Jones and her UKIP team, following the Unison meeting.

Democracy defended, Labour and Unison bow their heads in shame!

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Unison and Labour bow their heads in shame

Today was a good day for democracy. But a very bad day for Unison and Labour. Both groups could be seen bowing their heads in shame.

Neath Port Talbot voted 56.8% to leave the European Union. Despite that, the region finds itself with only one representative out of eight, at Welsh and UK level, able to represent their wishes. And boy, oh boy, doesn’t the Gestapo know this? Dirty political tactics and smear campaigns have been used like a weapon to silence the 56.8%. All the while, Remain teams use their platforms to try and reverse the democratic decision the UK made. But they’ve misjudged the tenacity of one elected member, Caroline Jones. A lady with real integrity, who works for all her constituents.

Don’t judge Caroline’s kindness as weakness

Caroline Jones was one of seven newly-elected UKIP members to the Nationally Assembly for Wales. The results produced an earthquake in Welsh politics and Wales seemed to have a pair of balls, after all. The electorate would no longer be known as sheep. It’s commonly spoken a donkey with a red rosette could walk any election in south Wales.

The Gestapo quickly forgot the pressing matters that face Wales. And, instead directed its focus on the newcomers. Both opposition leaders gave up opposing the government of the day and decided if you cant beat them, join them. The then leader of the Lib Democrats, Kirsty Williams, faded into the Labour fold. And Leanne Wood provided Labour with a prop-up at any twist and turn. It wasn’t long before Neil Hamilton’s maiden speech at the National Assembly was proven to be accurate. Leanne Wood was outraged during the speech! Batting her feminine eyelids and claiming offence from being called “a political concubine in the First Minister’s harem”.

Unison’s disgraceful behaviour has backfired spectacularly

Unison tried to no-platform Caroline Jones in a publicly funded building, for no other reason than she’s a UKIP member. They did so with a total disregard to their members and the electorate. The council rightly overturned the decision. Caroline attended, made her statement and left, already having been privy to emails referring to her as scum. Knowing the Chairman of Unison planned to install professional disruptors, Caroline didn’t stay. She wanted to avoid ruining the event for members. They’d planned to seize the moment to humiliate an elected member, while others prepared to capture it on film. This, of course would have suited the narrative of the media. Sorry Unison, this lady was too quick for you. She delivered a dignified response to what was a vile personal attack on her name. And also an attempt to walk over democracy.

I hope the rest of the country stands up to what we’ve known has gone of for years. Regardless of political affiliation, we must defend our freedoms. We will soon leave one corrupt intuition. But we must also rein back our own political systems that have been abused for many years.

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