Brexit – One Year On From The Referendum

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My Brexit interview with Bloomberg

Just before last year’s Brexit referendum, I was interviewed by Bloomberg, along with my brother-in-law Andrew, a steelworker. They wanted to know why we were supporting Leave.

A year on, I stand by my decision and the sky still hasn’t fallen in. Before the vote, I researched both sides of the argument to make sure I was well informed. I knew this was a momentous decision and not one I should make in haste. I have no issue with Europe or the people of Europe and have been an immigrant myself. In 1999 I moved to Tenerife for a while. I think the UK government should take the lead and secure the rights of EU citizens sooner rather than later.

Remoaners willing the UK to fail

But, every day, I still see the same old Remoaners excitiedly posting their same old doom and gloom articles about Brexit. All taken the The Guardian or the Independent or other biased media sources. And all forecasting the impending destruction of the UK and its economy and taking glee from it. They continually claim the vote was just a survey and not legally-binding. What they don’t post is articles from other experts who think the UK will flourish when free of the shackles of the EU. I stress this is just a small number of people. Many other Remain supports have, despite the vote not going their way, accepted the result. Like the rest of us, they just want to get on with it.

With over 60 million people, we are a big customer of the EU. And I don’t believe for one second they’re going to make things too difficult for us. Yes, we should honour any financial commitments we’ve made. But then, we’re free to forge our own way in the world again.

No regrets

I am personally more sure than ever that we are doing the right thing. This is despite Remoaners trying to overturn the Brexit referendum or grind us down. The biggest Remoaner, and this meant meant with humility and love has got to be Robert Francis. I know he’ll wear that badge with pride.

So, in summary, I think it will be a bumpy ride until the negotiations are over and we have a clear picture of the future. Even the first few years after we leave may be choppy. But let’s remember, we have a lot of talent and resources in this country and the future is ours for the taking.


Darren and Neil Kinnock -All aboard the gravy train; BrexitRunning for the hills! Brexit

On the far left, you can see the driver of the Gravy Train, one of the royals of the European Union. He’s asking the good folk of Neath to keep funding his and his wife’s generous pensions.

On the right is me ready to run for the hills the day following the referendum. I was scared for my life and I was accused of ruining kids’ lives, causing World War III and killing unicorns and stuff.

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